About us

As you might be aware, this is no ordinary pet shop. That is because it is actually run by a pair of slightly barking dogs, named Holly and Berry. The pair first met on the floor of their masters' offices, trying to find things to do to occupy themselves while the humans tapped away at their keyboards. After a lot of sleep, some gentle walking (the humans are quite large and lazy), Holly and Berry decided to start a new company. 

After many hours thinking up names for the company they had a brainwave and decided on Dogs Dogs Dogs. It's a bit of a giveaway but they wanted to be sure absolutely no cats would get the wrong idea and visit their website. All of the products on here have been carefully chosen by the pair to suit DOGS and not cats. They have even offered a free cat chasing service to customers whose dog beds are regularly stolen by their feline housemates. 

Managing DirectorWhen it came to appointing titles for the office, Holly decided to become the MD, in part because she thought of the Dogs Dogs Dogs name, but also because she is generally a little faster in the brain department. Berry as with all Labradors has other things on her mind 99% of the time. FOOD. They decided to start selling dog beds because of the petty squabbles that were developing in the office. Berry was constantly nicking Holly's bed, even though it was designed for a Spaniel. This means that they now get a few "spare" beds to test out and will never have the same arguments again.

Berry has been appointed the Barketing Manager and is responsible for creating quality content that will help their customers get the most out of their products. Including her very own videos on YouTube showing you how to wash waterproof a dog bed to name a few. 

If you are worried about the staff please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] (Holly came up with that email too). Have fun and please have a look around the site and let us know what you like or even dislike. Woof Woof.